In-Games help
/info - shows commands/kits/rules

Message Admins
/message - Message the Admin ie /message <yourmessage>
/report - Report a player to the admin ie /report <user> <message>

/skin - creates a box for you to drag a skinnable item to,
then drag prefered skin back to your inventory

New Base Security Max 4 Cameras (8 for VIP+ ONLY)
Max 4 SearchLights

/euknet - Info on how to setup your home security
You will need Cameras, Laptop and Searchlights
/sc add - Activates the camera placement tool. (Requires a camera in the user's hands)
/sc remove - Removes the camera you are looking at
/sl add <terminalID> - Converts the light you are looking at into an automated light
/terminal add - Adds the laptop to the wall (Requires a laptop in the user's hands)
/terminal remove - Remove the Laptop you are looking at

/kit - shows all kits available to you

/Remove - Will let you remove items and buildings you have placed/built yourself

Private Messaging
/pm <username> <message> - Private message a player.
/r <message> - Replies to the last person that PMed you.
/c <message> - Sends a message to your clan members only

/tpr <username> - asks for a tp to the specified person
/tpa - To accept a Teleport request
/sethome <name> - sets a home
/home <name> - teleports you to your home
/listhomes - gives you a list of all your sethomes
/removehome <name> - removes a saved home/clan

/clan - displays info on your current clan
/clan create "tag" "description" - Creates a new clan
/clan invite <playername> - Invites a player to join your clan
/clan join "tag" - Joins a clan you have been invited to
/clan kick <playername> - Kicks a member from your clan
/clan promote <playername> - Promotes a member to Moderator
/clan demote <playername> - Demotes a moderator to member
/clan leave - leaves your current clan
/clan disband forever - Disbands your clan (no undo)
/tag color - Change the Color of your Clan tag needs a Hex Color ie  /tag ffffff

/ad - Turnd off Auto Doors
/ad 8 - Sets Autodoors back to on

Auto Building Grades
Allows to automatically update building parts to any grade just after you build it   (using   building plan)
/bgrade - help in-game, with display current mode.
/bgrade 1 - auto update to wood
/bgrade 2 - auto update to stone
/bgrade 3 - auto update to metal
/bgrade 4 - auto update to armored
/bgrade 0 - disable auto update

/friends  - to add a Friend/remove friend/tpr to a friend or to Trade

Friendly Fire
/ff on/off - Turns on/off Friendly Fire

$100 are earned every 60 mins
you can exchange your $ for reward points in the shop
/s - To view the shop

Authorise ( tool cupboard /Auto Turret )
/autoauth clan - Add your clans mates to the auth list
/autoauth autoclan - Toggles automatic authorization for clan members when placing objects

Sign Writing
/sil <url of image>  - Adds pictures to Signs (VIP ONLY)
/silt "Hello world " 100 - Adds text to a sign with a set font size of your choosing

/pc - Our Ranking system
/pr - See all available ranks and your time on server

/map - Shows a Large map click X to exit

Vote For Us at
/vote - claim your reward

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