Novus Inceptio

Novus Inceptio

Novus Inceptio is a survival RPG set to our planet, but far in the future. Despite the fact that the game is labelled as a survival game, it is not a typical survival challenge type of a game. This is mainly because survival elements create just the background of the game and the main aim is shifted to very complex craft system and building values in the game. Novus Inceptio is about calm playing experience which is similar to a strategic and relaxing style of playing. The game contains a unique system of resources heredity and offers interaction with every game object. The objects serve not as just the background of the game.
Novus Inceptio unusually blends sci-fi and fantasy themes with a hint of post-apocalyptical ideas. The story is set on the planet Earth in distant future, but not the Earth as we know it nowadays. And one of the most important topic during playing the game is to reveal the truth about those who stand in the background of everything from ancient times...

Do not expect a typical survival challenge game, because survival elements are slightly in the background. On one hand, it is necessary to cover basic needs to survive, but these activities are not to bother you a lot, they rather intensify the world atmosphere. On the other hand, it is not difficult to get killed or to die as a result of some kind of injury.

You can interact with nearly everything from the surface of the ground, bushes, trees, to your own buildings. In the game, no plant serves just as a decoration – would you like to pick up a mushroom and eat it? Go ahead, nothing stops you. Even ordinary tree does not serve only as a source of wood, but offers other materials, too (bark, leaves, branches, resin etc.).

The game contains environment with natural time flow, following daily cycle and being affected by weather changes. If you stop for a moment and listen to the sounds of the nature you would recognize in which direction a wolf is hunting, you could feel the wind taking off, or you could just let yourself go while listening to atmospheric music and you could calmly relax listening to the whisper of leaves and the wind.

The game craft system is based on very difficult internal logic which requires the individual production of every single part of the final product. As a reward for such game mechanics you get unique items, spiced with material bonuses, e.g. it is really important whether you craft from oak or pine wood. The game also offers an option of the crafting system for those who don´t want to dive in tables and calculations.

The game contains a unique system of resources heredity which is used during crafting. Therefore it is possible to craft unique items with specific characteristics which happen because of the craft complexity.

The game allows natural character development. Only personal attributes, which you use, are enhanced. You have free hands to create a mix of specialization which you truly enjoy. You don´t have to think even before the beginning of the game about choosing a proper race or profession – character attributes are automatically adjusted according to frequent character activities.

Yes, during playing your character gets older and can eventually die of age and therefore can move one generation further. The ageing system is our specific system of character level up. The age is experience points and a generation is a level. You don't have to be afraid of ageing, because it is a natural way to level up, which brings you bonuses and even better attributes.

Thanks to the modular system, while building your new home, the only limiting factor is your creativity (and if not, you can always use ready-made houses). The difference in our system is in the building process. First, you take your time and plan, only when you are ready, you start gathering material and finally build your dream house.

You can build a farm around your house and grow plants needed for cooking a good quality meal or plant your own wood and bring some exotic plants from different biomes to your home.

In the world, there are many portals to different dimensions or times. In anomalies, you can come across some unique rewards, but primarily you can learn new craft recipes which are essential for any crafting. But it is vital to pay attention to any danger hidden in those portals.

At the beginning of the game, you find your character in the middle of wild nature. And your equipment? Only a knife and basic tools. Luckily, you're not alone! Your small personal robot A2-A is your valuable companion, but it is not there to do all the work instead of you. And because nature does not give things for free you need to find sources of food, heat and prepare for danger, which hides in the deep wood. Disease, injury or death is your daily bread. Over some time, when you learn the laws of the world, you will be ready for your next trip.

Home is a foundation of survival and developing attributes. You can build your own house or farm and focus on one of many craft specializations. The building system works using modular elements where you can plan first, and then gather required resources for final construction (which, wouldn´t be an easy task to do). The only limiting factors are knowledge of recipes for components, your own creativity, sufficient resources and skills.
Also, you can learn to craft new components by finding specific blueprints which could be found in boxes all over the world or in the anomalies.

Do you like crafting stuff? Then you will love Novus Inceptio! Each and every item in the game is unique and created by the player himself. Crafting of any item is a complex process based on many attributes, from a level of skill to the material used. Crafting system does not dictate to the player what exact material has to be used to craft something, instead, it reveals what type of a resource is needed, e.g. if you use stone to create an axe you create a stone axe, but if you use iron you manufacture an iron axe. You can use different type of material for any component, e.g. when you craft with wood, the system takes in consideration hardness of the wood.
Novus Inceptio supports crafting items by players themselves. Therefore, item quality and technology are going to improve over time together with character attributes.

It is not only about settling the world but also about surviving and creating a prosperous economy. There is the whole new world of life, danger and mystery that awaits you. There are dense forests, dry deserts, tropical jungles or busy underwater life.
You can get on a long journey to discover valuable materials or to find out the truth and real purpose of the restored planet.

The dawn of gods
The Galaxy is a cold and hostile place and the creators are aware of this. They have spent billions of years searching for intelligent form of life but they have never succeeded. They started protecting several planets with more developed organisms by all means available. They say: "Life must not die out." But at the same time, they understand all the great risks awaiting for every civilization. Therefore, the creators try to prevent destructive genocides by discreet DNA manipulation and information adding.

Rebellious believers
From the dawn of human civilization, the creators stood beside human race. As gods, they secretly influenced physical and technological evolution or even psychological maturing of the civilization. But nobody is perfect, not even gods. Instead of maintaining peace and prosperity, humans tended to worship war and they forgot everything about their gods.
The creators realized that their experiment failed and they no longer possess the powers to stop this fanatic madness among humans. When their last messenger died they returned through a portal to where they came from. To a different planet? Or to another reality? Nobody knows for sure. But what we do know is that they have never stopped collecting data through the portal.

The end of the world
The next important step of the human civilization took place nearly 2000 years later. During this era the nuclear fission was discovered and the whole planet became full of atomic blasts. The war was frightfully quick and effective. Those who could not hide in underground bunkers were hit by radiation and died. From billions of humans barely a few hundred thousand people survived. Without people knowing the creators received information about the end of human world, they became furious that people are so irresponsible and they returned to the Earth to wipe out the entire human race of the planet.

Human 2.0
The desolated planet kept orbiting the sun. Slowly throughout millennia, it was getting rid of the deadly radiation. Finally, the creators decided to launch a new experiment. With samples of human DNA and with the help of infinite information database they returned life back to the planet. Also, they created new humans - Homo Novus to inhabit the recovering planet. And in order not to make the same mistake as before, the creators decided to accompany each and every new human clone with a personal robot A2-A.

Discover worlds!
A2-A is something like a guardian angel. It helps and protects people and it gradually offers complicated knowledge to them. In addition to this, it monitors behaviour of each clone to prevent aggressive behaviour which caused the collapse of the previous civilization.
And yet the monitoring and controlling system is not reliable enough for the creators to trust it and that is why the creators installed some anomalies on the planet so the clones can travel back in time and learn from the mistakes of the past civilizations. And who knows? Maybe this would be the beginning of a new civilization which finally devotes its time to discover and learn, rather than kill and destroy.

And the Creators? This time they are not leaving. They are analyzing the data from thousands of A2-As and waiting for the right moment to introduce themselves to their children personally.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 6 GB available space
Additional Notes: Internet connection required. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-Bit Windows 10
Processor: Intel I7-3770, AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 2 GB Video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 6 GB available space
Additional Notes: Internet connection required. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.

Game News

Hello everyone, today we have prepared another update for you. First of all, we would like to highlight the optimization of the game (it's still not perfect, but it's a big step forward), but it always depends on your PC - our game is more demanding and can not be played on lowend machines anyhow. That's why we'll be glad if you can tell us when you finding that game is running better as before - thanks in advance! And another crucial thing is to finishing another part of the world. Logically, we continue from the start zone to the next. That's why we recommend (not only for old players) seeing new locations. You'll be very surprised at the new building site (which is really huge) and we think will force many players to move the current home;) In the new location, you'll also find new ruins and POI locations. And most of all, the new content elements (they will be gradually implemented into...
April 25, 2018, 4:26 pm
Hello everyone, we decided to alter the decay logic released in: Our original idea and plans were definitely thought positive and took into account our concept of game and future plans for further content in game. But we have forgotten that the game also changes over time according to the players' wishes and the way how you play our game and why you play it. Certainly it was not our intention to stress you and to force you play the game constantly. Unfortunately we did not think, that most players will accept the decay system negatively and also think they we want to spoil the game and throw sticks under your feet - this certainly was not our idea or plans. We apologize for that. That's why we reassess the decay system. Decay will must remain in the game (it is important for all future aspects and is not really annoying - it affects only some items). But it does not work anymore if you are not in the game! It works only if you pla...
March 17, 2018, 2:58 pm
The decay logic has been changed in update 0.50.085 Hello everyone, we have prepared another update for you. This time there are many changes to both on background. First of all, we are alerting you to the application of the decay system (it is only applied for some items) and it works even if you are not in the game. it works only if you're in the game. But do not worry - based on your responses, we have adjusted the decomposition values. ​​and added a double bonus (which will be removed over time). Decay opens up a lot of new possibilities and behavior of some deeper mechanics in the game - so do not worry - take it more as a bonus and a revival. You will also find a nutrition system that is connected to a lot of other activities. Several new recipes and cooking ingredients have been added to the game. And a...
March 16, 2018, 6:34 pm
Hello everyone, we have prepared for you the first update of the year 2018. We think it's a bigger update that brings change for the better. The Christmas event is terminated with this update. We also thank all who gave us a any Steam review - much helps and recharges energy. Here is a complete list of changes, news and fixes: Improvements of compass and world map Completely new compass at the to...
January 17, 2018, 2:59 pm
Hello everyone, we have another tunning for the Christmas event. Because it was really hard to get tokens to fulfill quests and achievements. We've increreased the drop rate for tokens. The prey from monsters now also include these tokens (not only tokens but also Christmas packages (socks)). Remember that the opening of Christmas socks counts on the same achievement as opening a big gift around the world. Perhaps this increase in token picking will help you complete your achievements and quests. And so you will not have to spend too much time playing the our game during the Christmas holidays. Once more we wish your all Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018! Thanks for all the support you provide to us both in Steam forums or Discord, as well as through reviews here at Steam. Below is a list of changes: Gameplay changes Increased drop of Christmas tokens. Creatures now also drop Christmas tokens. Decreased weight of some Christmas dishes. Tuning music transition logic and ambient sound. Issue fixes F...
December 20, 2017, 7:46 pm
Hello everyone, because we have several reports of poor performance after update 0.50.073. We reviewed the latest update and attempted to create a patch. We hope the performance returns to the previous state. Below is a list of changes: Gameplay changes More ambient sounds in the background of the game (work version - needs to fine-tune.). The "Creator Box", which created only an empty vial, now contains additional items. Some monsters have the designation of Alpha in his name. If you attack on a "Alpha" monster that is aggressive, he can call other monsters in the neighborhood (if he has any in his herd) to help her. Issue fixes Fixed a performance problem that resulted from update 0.50.073. Dungeon entrances have been changed - they are still in the same place, but they have repaired some things and models what caused a partial performance problem. Fixed problem with ingame chat - ghost mode. Partial correction of 3rd camera behavior on a mountainous surface.
December 18, 2017, 10:26 pm
Hello everyone, we prepared a new update for you. First we want to apologize for a small break - but it was caused by health problems and unfortunately we lost valuable 14 days 🙁 But now everything is fine;) This update mainly activates the Christmas event. This year's event is very similar to last year's, but it brings smaller quests and a new Christmas cap (green). During the event you will be able to finish your Christmas achievements and enjoy small gifts. And do not forget to buy a reward in the store for the Christmas tokens. In addition, the update brings further finalization to the next part of the world (we continue further from the start zone). This is the sout-west location around the lake. ...
December 13, 2017, 2:39 pm
Hello everyone, after a demanding weekend (developer conference in Prague) we are back again. In order to relax a little after the weekend, we spent the whole Monday watching your videos from our game. Even though we have many "old" players who know the game perfectly. There are a lot of newcomers who still have problems understanding some of the game's features. We therefore devoted Tuesday and Wednesday mainly the tuning of some misunderstood elements in the UI. We will see whether it will help or not 😉 We are also still dealing with the problem of collision in some situations - it is a complex process. And, of course, we are working on a new final English translation that will serve as a master text for further translations. We are also plan and bring together lots of new content and enhancements - these autumn and winter days are the perfect time for deeper plans and analyzes. And their implementation can be done in a quieter period. Because the current period is too hectic to add essential content. We a...
November 24, 2017, 10:16 pm
Hello everyone, this is not an realy update but more a notice. From Thursday 16.11. to Monday 20.11. we will be out of our office and we will not be able to respond to your questions, suggestions etc. We will be at "Game Developer Sessions" in Prague - every year there we go and rest and relax with other developers. We are so sorry that we will not react here in these days. We thank you for your understanding. BTW: If you like our game and love it, do not be afraid to write a review here at the Steam. This getting a lot of energy for us. A lot of people write a review if they are unhappy, but otherwise they forget about review and they do not realize how important they are to us. Thanks so much for everyone! But as you know almost every day we make small patches and part of this announcement is one small one;) Issue fixes Fixed issue with the interaction in a small cave near the starting place. It is already possible to assign active skills again if they have been removed from the skillbar. It recommends you ...
November 15, 2017, 9:25 am
Hello everyone, we have another minor update. We're really busy these days and we're solving minor fixes and debugging games. Which we want to fine-tune before we begin to create next big updates. We are also working hard on better translation for our ingame texts. This involves a lot of work in the game code but also a thorough preparation of the master text for the final translation. So hold your fingers;) But especially enjoy the game! Below is the entire list: Gameplay changes The Halloween event has ended. Improving the visual impression at the character's equipment. Improving the visual impression at the monsters. Negative affect - "hot temperature" - is only applicable in desert locations. Character equipment (armor) already provide higher resistance to negative affect "cold temperature" (currently does not distinguish the material). The possibility of making "Crude Sword" - this is a sword made of wood (suitable for beginners). A bit improved performance in some situations. Tuned sound for Ambient sou...
November 13, 2017, 11:39 pm
Hello everyone, this is another update that belongs to the balancing and debugging section. The main change (but that's not a change - this was in the game before and it just was turned off for a while), there is the possibility of losing raw materials during the failure of the production or losing your equipment during the fight. Our game really builds on material bonuses and a complex manufacturing process. Therefore, it is important to realize that each item is unique - the T5 sword or shield is always different (depending on the material used). It is really vital that items with inappropriate materials can be lost. Here is a sample of what are the differences between the different shields (an example is to influence the decay (loss of item during combat)): The...
November 7, 2017, 10:58 pm
Hello everyone, as you've surely noticed during the past week, there were many small updates that were either hotfix or solved balancing games. In total, eight of these small updates were released for the week. This new update "0.50.057" is also among the small ones that mainly balance and repair. But it is definitely worth highlighting these changes: It is now possible to search for recipes in the production window. Building mode now shows the names of building components + necessary ingredients for final construction and especially building parts you have not yet learned (not found blueprint). There has also been a significant change in skill and atributes acquisition/skill rate - attributes and skills now grow exponentially - the higher the skill / stat the then grows more slowly. But if you have a higher generation, the speed is improving. Below is the entire list: Gameplay changes CRAFT - It is possible to search in the production window by the name of the blueprint. CRAFT - blueprints in the left (in ca...
November 2, 2017, 4:14 pm
Hello everyone, there is another new update. This time brings a Halloween event, that many people expect to be able to accomplish their achievements. And also enjoy the atmosphere with Halloween elements;) But this update is not just about the Halloween event - it brings a lot of fundamental features to the game and that: A brand new character window where you will find lots of information and especially passive bonuses! ...
October 29, 2017, 12:57 pm
Hello everyone, we have another bigger update for you. This time it's the promised mining stations! From now on, you can build your own mining stations and set what's going to extracted on them - stations work even if you're not in the game but can not enjoy it constantly (it needs to be repaired, etc.). The update also brings several improvements and playability adjustments and new items as scrolls to create an anomaly. Logically, it also contains lots of bug fixes. We are aware that some operations take a long time (mainly transmutation, etc.) - we work on balancin. But we prepare a lot of passive skills (which are slowly being completed and if everything goes well they will be part of another bigger update - which will also include a Halloween event;) ). But you also have to realize that the game can not give everything right now and simply - everything is built so that you get very ...
October 19, 2017, 8:51 pm
Hello everyone, this little update improves and fixes some minor flaws. We are currently working on passive bonuses and mining stations. Below is a list of all changes: Gameplay changes Production Forge no longer contains an empty bucket as an ingredient. Production The kitchen no longer contains an empty bucket as an ingredient. Rune fragments are no longer part of the ingredients for production. Productions Rune of improvements have new ingredients. Correction of the coefficient for calculating the temperature in some situations. Some gatherer quests have been slightly modified. Issue fixes Enhancement of the collision surface under the opening temple. When creating a new clone (after death to old age), thirst and hunger will be added. The computer console at cottage house and deed token no longer contains the bootable "Problem detected" information. Cotton harvested in the field already takes into account material bonuses. Fixed the issue when you need destroy your deposit ores / crystals. Adjusting stacki...
October 9, 2017, 6:52 pm
Hello everyone, it's unreal as the time flies. Today, it's exactly two years now that our game is available on Steam. There has been a lot of change in these two years, but we are aware that the game is still far from complete game. On the other hand, is imposible to create a whole game from day to day. And developing in a very small team requires a lot of time. But we think that the work done is visible. We also thank all our fans and players for their support and patience. So, in these update is an event to celebrate the second anniversary. There is a special chain quest at the end of which awaits rewards in the form of a new statue, achievements and other surprises. There are also special gifts around the world - which contain a few interesting items - from potions to electronics (you need to be lucky to get better items). Also everyone who completes the 2nd Annual Quest will also re...
October 5, 2017, 9:44 pm
Hello everyone, in first time i would very much like to thank all of you for your expressed support for my unplanned hospital leave. I appreciate the power of this support and this add energy for me. Now I'm home, and the surgery has gone well. Unfortunately, it was a surgery in the area of ??the abdominal muscles, so sitting at the computer is not very pleasant and I need to litle more relax. But even so, we've prepared a minor update that fixes some of the issues you've found and reported. We also made some adjustments and were forced to make the improvings kits little bit more difficult. It was not planned to have so many players with legendary weapons and tools for a couple of days (the game still need more balancing :)) Slowly but surely we are also coming to the second anniversary of the game - we hope to be able to prepare ingame rewards for players. Also, the Halloween event is behind the doors. And we know that many players are looking forward to this event, this event it will also be running soon. B...
September 24, 2017, 1:42 pm
Hello everyone, this time we bring in a quick fix of a few minor flaws. As we have already informed earlier. We will not be able to react in a timely and rapid manner (from health care) for a few days - thank you for your understanding. Enjoy the game! Here's a list of patches and changes: Gameplay changes & Issue fixes Reduce production time (but remember: a) Better skill = shorter time. b) more pieces at a time = longer time. c) better tier = longer time.) The queue already shows the number of seconds for not active queue. Fixed a bug in the "Reavers" quest. Decreased skill gain during failure in productons. Fix bad behavior of the "set max" button in some cases. Fix a specific bug when performing improved action on items (weapons, tools, armor)! Previous updates:
September 12, 2017, 10:46 pm
Hello everyone, so here is another minor update. This time we have completed the basic version of the quest system. The new system is already correctly storing progress and it will not happen that you can not continue the tutorial after restarting the game. All players have active tutorial from now, you can skip it and get to the next quest (currently they are mostly startup - for newly players). If you do all of them, do not worry as soon as we add more quests so you will automatically start up. Some "grind" quests have reward after is done (the reward can be showed by moving the mouse to the given quest). The number of tasks is far from final (these are the first few quests). So enjoy the game and thanks for the support! Below is a complete list of changes and innovations: New Content New quest system. First start quests. Gameplay changes All players have a new active tutorial. Tutori...
September 8, 2017, 8:44 pm
Hello everyone, as the next major upgrade has completed another crucial step for our game ːnipictoː (which logically required a longer development time): Now come time for smaller, more active updates. Today we bring one of them and are more focused on our own ores ːironoreː deposits. So quickly into the "desert anomaly" and maybe you'll be lucky (during the mining of raw ores between the scorpions 😉 ) and you get your own ores ːironoreː deposit. BTW: If you like our game ːnipictoː. So do not hesitate to support us and our game any reviews here at Steam - we thank you very much! Below is a complete list of changes and innovations: New Content New item Bearing Copper Ore. New item Bearing Tin Ore. New item Bearing Iron Ore. New item Bearing Silver Ore. New item Bearing Gold Ore. New item Bearing Ancient Crys...
September 6, 2017, 9:40 pm
Hello everyone, so the new update is here! As we have already written in the previous announcement: We have reworked the whole production process to make it more comprehensible and more user-friendly. We hope you will like the changes and will not take too long to orientate. However, this is the first version, and there may still be some bugs and problems that we may find and fix with you. There have also been other edits and improvements such as: Possibility of splitting items (yes, finally;) ) Possibility to plant mushroom fields. And much more. But we can not forget about Gamescom 2017, where we had our stand! It was a very challenging and exciting event, but it also brought us a lot of value for the future. Here is our stand in action: ...
September 5, 2017, 11:16 pm
Hello everyone, The summer holidays are slowly ending and ending the time of rest and holiday. But however, we have been working diligently and hard. Now we completing a new update that will bring news in the form of the promised improved manufacturing interface. But first, information for all who will be from 22.8. To 24.8. In Gamescom Cologne. We will also be there and our booth can be found in Hall 4.1. (Stand C15 / D16). Where will we together with other developers from our country. But now the information for the future update (this update will be available for testing directly on Gamescom). But here on Steam it will be ready in the first days in the September (we still need to fine-tune it;)). More than words, see the pictures and labels below. We also apologize for we will not be available from today to end of the next week (we will be on Gamescom;)). ://cdn.edgecast.steamstat...
August 20, 2017, 2:17 pm
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