This Thursday Update 7th Dec

This Thursday Update 7th Dec

Hi Guys
There is a big shift in building this week so the muti-toolcupboard we have presently on the server will be going. Hope the info below will help with whats happening...

Only 1 tool cupboard per building

Half walls and foundation placement just scratch the surface of the changes with building 3.0. Many of the underlying mechanics of building identification and permissions have been shifted as well. One of the most starkchanges being: Only one tool cupboard is allowed per building.
Now you may be asking, and rightfully so, “What qualifies as a building?” Buildings are now defined by any foundation that snaps with another, and any blocks connected to said foundations. If a corner is touching another corner, it does not count as the same building.
There are still some issues with regards to properly assigning building ID’s, especially when blocks are removed and then rebuilt. The devs are aware of this and planning some fixes prior to the update going live on Thursday.

Privilege radius based on blocks, not cupboards

Building privilege is now based on the building blocks instead of exact radius around the cupboard. That means the placement of the cupboard inside the building has no impact on that structures exact build privilege area. Rather, the building itself defines the radius of build privilege (which is currently 16 meters).

See the pictures below for some examples of what that looks like in game.

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